Griff’s Bar and Billiards by Paulette L Motzko

Griff’s Bar and Billiards

3650 S. Decatur Blvd.

Las Vegas, Nevada.


Photography by and Text Written by

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

January 2019

Every once in a while I run into a place that’s so unique and fantastic all-in-one that I’m spellbound. Griff’s Bar and Billiards is one of those special places.

You’ll breathe easier at Griff’s because it is ๐Ÿšฌ free, thank God too.

I can’t stand stand the smell of cigarettes and am allergic to them.

So to me, coming from a non smoking town in Orange County, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada 5 years ago, was a major transition. Griff’s Bar and Billiards is like an oasis to me. It has cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž people enjoying great times, in a super high class, beautiful and comfortable setting.

What else do you want?

How about great food?

Griff’s Bar and Billiards doesn’t disappoint in the culinary world either!

I absolutely, hands down recommend their French Dip sandwich with au jus. The beef is tender and lean and sooo good!

Their salads offer a wide variety of taste tempting fare and their pizzas will keep you satisfied while the friendly staff serves you up a cold refreshing drink with a smile.

Above Photos: From the Southwest Desert Cup Championship

Mark Griffin, the super friendly, sweet owner had a vision of creating a pool parlor unlike any other, and he did!

Even the women’s bathroom is beautiful with visions of Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany’s in a gilded frame and Marilyn Monroe touching her red hot ๐Ÿ’‹ ๐Ÿ’„ up to delight you.

It is not only a one of a kind, but even if you’ve never played pool before, or you want to learn, once you walk through Griff’s doors, it will INSPIRE you to play pool.

It is the professional pool player’s playground.

With 8,000 square feet of pool playing space, you never feel crowded.

  • 17 7-foot tables
  • 8 9-foot tables
  • And an antique 12 foot Brunswick snooker golf table.

I discovered Griff’s Bar and Billiards by walking across the street from the Mexican Restaurant on Twain and Decatur, and was lured by a series of large, antique print posters on the large windows at the top of the building with motivational quotes. They inspired me and aroused my curiosity to know more.

I already I liked the place because I liked the attitude the owner had-even before I met him. Mark Griffin’s winning attitude is reflected on everything and everybody who works there.

The vibe at Griff’s is positive, with quality coming 1st on everything.

With Mark Griffin being the founder of Cue Sports International, which owns Billiards Congress of America Pool Leagues and USA Pool Leagues, some of the most prestigious tournaments like the U.S. Open Straight Pool Championships are held at Griff’s.

Once you open the double doors of Griff’s I know, just like I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a Top Notch non smoking Pool Parlor that serves up a little something for everybody-you… will love it too.

Friendly smiles await you from all the super helpful and kind employees at Griff’s Bar and Billiards.

If you’re a tourist visiting Vegas and want to stay away from the crowded strip area, and forget the traffic entirely, stop in for something fresh and new that you remember forever.

There’s only good times to be had at Griff’s, with no exceptions.

Whether you’re a professional pool player, or a familiy looking for something out of the ordinary, or just to just simply have fun-visit Griff’s Bar and Billiards on the corner of
Twain and Decatur Boulevard.

I’ve lived here five years my didn’t know it existed, but I happily do now.

At Griff’s Bar and Billiards you’ll find beautiful professional pool tables, a pleasant, non-smoking environment decorated beautifully pleasing to the eyes as well as the senses.

If you’ve never played full before, stop over the Griff’s and you’ll be able to try for the first time and discover how enjoyable it really is.

There is a small restaurant built in where you can order pizzas, sandwiches, salads and a selection of other menu items designed for anyone.

Every pool player will feel at home at Griff’s Bar and Billiards from the novice pool player, professional pool players who participate in tournaments will come into simply practice. You’ll also see happy families enjoying themselves too, which was really refreshing.

It’s a feel good kind of place to be as well. You can enjoy a refreshing drink from the beautiful bar served with a smile, be it alcoholic or iced tea with lemon over ice.

There’s plenty of seating for everyone, and comfy, upholstered wooden bench seating for everyone with tables, or you can take your pick from very nice bar stools with tables as well.

One thing I’m certain of though, if you visit Griff’s Bar and Billiards you’ll come back to Griff’s over and over again!

Griff’s Bar and Billiards should make a plaque it says:

“Good times to be had by all!”

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