Healthy Street Tacos and Fighting Over Them with a Bee!

It isn’t very often that we get nice weather here where the wind and dust isn’t blowing or it’s not too hot in Las Vegas for me to think of doing an Alfresco lunch or dinner or breakfast or something; today is one of those days that reminds me of southern California that is nice and temperate and my balcony was beckoning “come and enjoy me!”… I answered and did!

I roasted my first chicken in my super power air fryer oven and it came out phenomenal perfectly done and 165 degrees.

I made a rub 1 teaspoon garlic salt 1 tbsp fresh lemon zest, 1 tablespoon dried parsley, 1 teaspoon freshly cracked rainbow black peppercorns, and 1 tbsp minced dried onion, then I blended it really well and rubbed that on the chicken skin before I put my chicken in the power oven.

I thought the chicken was 4 pounds when I bought it but I guess my glasses had a smudge on them because it turned out to be close to 6 pounds kind of like Foghorn Leghorn or something! I had the rotisserie all waiting to go to put the chicken on the rotisserie and the most that it will hold is 4 pounds.

Simply baked the chicken at the chicken setting for 45 minutes and then another 30 minutes and it was done perfectly and tested with my instant read thermometer to 165 degrees.

Today I took my Cuisinart scale and weighed out

4 oz of chicken and took a half cup of salsa and the brand that I used so you can make your own homemade and use any other kind that you like is El Sol Foods fresh all natural home style salsa

I took 3 mission Street taco corn tortillas and used Mariana’s supermarkets tortilla Casada as nachos instead of tortilla chips which are healthier for you two of the flat hard tostada shells for about a hundred calories.

Healthy is the way to go since, I want to live a long time. Pretty much if it’s not good for me I try to not touch it with exception to a few splurges now and then in moderation.

The cool thing is is this was just darn good and it just happened to be good for me too!

I used some sliced olives as garnish and you can also add diced cucumber chopped onion, throw in some guacamole, mix up some sangria if you drink alcohol or make some non-alcoholic Sangria with pretty fruit in it. Any or all would be a nice addition, including some Casa fresca or cotija cheese-would be a nice addition to this, you can use any kind of bean you want in the taco to add additional protein and or cut down on the chicken using beans in place of the chicken for all the vegetarians out there.

There are lots of Spring Boards for Your Imagination Here.

I’m working on a cookbook full of healthy recipes by that title Springboards For Your Imagination.

My green tea with sliced lemon and Torani sugar-free syrup after Mr. BEE joined me and slurp on some of my lemons! Did you know the bees like lemons? I found that out today.

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