Amazing Sweet Potato Harvest: 139 lbs from 3 Potatoes on YouTube & Comments by Paulette Motzko

I’d love to think that I could grow one sweet potato as good-looking as the ones he did and that video! Pretty awesome really.

According to the awesome book “Month-by-Month Gardening in the Deserts of Nevada” by Mary Irish,  June is a great time to start planting sweet potatoes in Nevada.  I didn’t realize you could grow sweet potatoes in Las Vegas let alone that they take about four months to grow for one of them!

 It really makes you appreciate all the sweet potatoes sitting there smiling back at you in the grocery store doesn’t it?

I bought some stacking Planters recently from Mr. Stacky through Amazon and I’m going to plant some vegetables on my balcony in them. I’m trying to educate myself on what grows here and how to make succulents thrive, bulbs, perennials and so on. 

This book I got through Amazon and it really is worth ten times that or more. If Mary Irish hadn’t done such a great job of explaining to me in simple terms in this book what grows here, I wouldn’t have wanted to look on YouTube to see about growing sweet potatoes. 

She tells you what grows at this time of year all through the year regarding every type of plant there is.

I really love sweet potatoes they’re one of my favorite things to eat and they’re full of vitamins and other good things,which is what I’m trying to eat more of.

It will be a fun experiment to see how mine fair here and watch the little things grow. Paturns is needed with growimg sweet potatoes as with most gardening. It’s definitely not like the instant gratification you get it with the internet these days.

Farmers know that up close and personal I’m sure. If the average person realized how much work went into putting the stuff in the store that you see in the produce aisle, they pay Farmers a lot more money and support local farmers which is what I always try and do.

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