Growing Cacti and succulents in Las Vegas, Nevada- From The Las Vegas Review Journal

My new and first plant addition I got through Pro through Groupon, which is awesome. It has given me much joy. 

The cactus plants I swear over doubled in size after I soaked the inside plastic pot in a  large bowl of water for 1 hour. I’ve never seen a plant absorb water so quickly and respond so quickly to something and all my gardening in Southern California!

In my three houses in Southern California that I had when I was married to the rocket scientist, I dealt with Lily of the Nile- which I never see here in Nevada, Martha Washington geraniums, gladiolus, Asiatic hybrid lilies, California poppies that I grew from seed, marigolds, in tulips that I forced in the freezer to simulate winter.

Still getting used to the strange weather here in Nevada after three years of living here. But I’ll be studying books and articles like this one that will help me learn what I can grow here and how to make it thrI’ve like me.

 It’s Mary Engelbreit would say, the trick and the key to living is to “bloom where you’re planted.”
Written by Paulette Motzko.

January 14th 2017 11 a.m.

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