Heat Wave! How to stay cool


Now that summer is here, we are being treated to feature stories about older adults and overheating. It’s hard to believe that human beings can exist on this planet for 60 or more years and not learn a thing or two.

We’re going to share what we have learned about dealing with 90º-plus heat and how to avoid turning on air conditioning until the very last moment. Air conditioning units use more energy than furnaces, so the less it’s on, the better. Reclining woman illustration courtesy La Aldea.

External tips

Some of this advice requires prior planning and some expense, but is well worth the effort and $$, if you plan to live there for a long time.

* Get two thermometers – one for inside and one for outside. The inside one should be in the center of the house. The outside one should be in a shady spot.  You…

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