Lamb Pita Burgers

Race Day Recipes

Lamb is popular in the middle east so we thought a great lamb sandwich was necessary for Bahrain. These pita burgers are stuffed with raw lamb mixed with herbs and feta cheese, and then grilled to perfection! The juices and fat from the meat soak into the pita while it grills and gives a delicious, meaty, crispy treat!

Start by mixing the lamb with the spices, onions, and parsley. If you aren’t a lamb fan, any ground meat would taste delicious with this cooking method!


Carefully mix the feta so that you get some chunks when you eat the meat.


Split the pitas by cutting along the seam halfway around the perimeter. Then open up the insides to get it ready for the filling.


Split the meat into 4 equal portions and flatten into a patty that will fit into the pita pocket. Insert the meat and the press to…

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