Cooking for one – Chicken curry in a hurry

One Life to Eat

Ah... Chicken curry Ah… Chicken curry

The humble chicken curry. Chicken curry Hyderabadi style. Chicken curry Bohri style. Chicken curry Mangalorean style. Chicken curry Konkani style. Chicken curry Goan style (Chicken Xacuti?). Chicken curry Punjabi style (Butter chickennnn!!). Chicken curry Kashmiri style (3 types). (Let’s go international now…) Chicken curry American style. Chicken curry Canadian style. Chicken curry Czech Republic style. Chicken curry à la France. The varieties are endless! And I’ve had them all… and more. Forgetting one though…  Chicken curry… SABERA style ;D

There are many recipes I have created in my little apartment kitchen over the years, that have the unmistakable SABERA stamp on it. The unmistakable Sabera stamp means it is a recipe that is simple, yet layered with many interesting, opposing, yet complimentary flavors. Easy to make, yet conveniently also easy to adapt to my changing moods, preferences, and um… grocery availability in the fridge, or lack thereof. Also…

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