Poppy Seed Hamantaschen

a counter space

IMG_5460_2Purim! One of my favorite holidays as a child. You got to dress up and yell in temple! A genuine hootenanny. The best part of Purim are the hamantaschen, of course. I’ve made them every year since moving out to California, and every year I get the pleasure of explaining what they are to someone. And I get to rave about the progressive Queen Esther. Love her. Anyways, hamantaschen always renew my love for baking and sharing food with others, and I always look forward to the excuse to make them.
IMG_5405_2There are a lot of good fillings out there to try, but poppy seed is a classic. Classically classic hamantaschen are probably(?) pareve, which means dairy- and egg-free for baked goods. I used this recipe last year, and they have some great pictures if you’ve never made/seen poppy seed filling before, and include pareve substitutions if you need. It makes a…

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