casinos and colours

the garrulous goat

Last Friday at this exact time I was frantically speed walking (while still looking totally not awkward) through Terminal A at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport looking for a Starbucks- only to find that of them was closed. The horror. How was I supposed to get on a flight to Vegas and maintain a high level of alertness without some form of pseudo energy in my system? After hiking approximately 5 miles in my heels and rolling my Longchamp bag around the airport, I finally settled for a Starbucks Double Shot Energy Drink and some gummy bears. #healthnut

Tonight I’m not in glittery leggings, but my ratchet grey leggings I bought when yoga was on the brink of world domination and I thought that having a pair of leggings and a yoga mat would make me cool. I am now aware that not even lululemon leggings can up my…

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