Blueberry-vanilla flax protein pancakes

Living Well With Joce

The weekend’s at our heels, and one of my favorite ways to rise and shine on a Saturday morning is to cook up something a bit special that varies from my normal M-F routine of sweet and savory oats (which are awesome and I love, but still.).

A rich source of clean protein and dietary fiber, these blueberry vanilla pancakes are a fantastic way unzip your Saturday morning so that you arrive fresh and nourished for the gorgeous day that awaits you. Give this recipe a try, or feel free to use this recipe as a base to create something else you fancy! Please leave comments below for alternative preparations, or any tips that you’d like to share. Otherwise, enjoy these pancakes and continue being good at being awesome you.


½ banana

1 scoop vanilla whey protein power♥

3 egg whites

½ cup oats

¼ oat milk♥♥

1Tbsp ground flax seed

a couple shakes of…

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