Sunday Sweets // Star Marshmallows


Sunday Sweets // Star Marshmallows via Ten6Twelve

If you’re like me, you insist on filling your mug of hot chocolate with as many marshmallows as possible. Or as much as you love s’mores, the real reason you eat them is for the marshmallows. Hello, my name is Toviah, and I’m addicted to marshmallows. There, I said it. I’m addicted, in love, obsessed with marshmallows. If marshmallows were a person I would stalk Mr. Marshmallow all day, every day. If something has marshmallows in it, I’m eating it. Despite my ongoing love affair, I’ve never made marshmallows, I always plop a few bags in my cart when I’m running low. After making my list of holiday recipes to tackle this season, I decided this holiday season would be the perfect time to tackle marshmallows. They are easy to make and after tasting a homemade marshmallow you will never buy another bag again. Cut into squares or use a…

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