Iced Soy Coffee Latte

This drink is easy to whip up in no time and is decaf if you make it with Taster’s Choice Instant Decaf Coffee packets. Somehow the instant, single serving packs have a better, roasted coffee aroma than what I get out of the big jar.
You can find them at The 99 Cents Store for a buck for a pack of 8, and the flavor comes close to Starbucks VIA instant French Roast. It doesn’t dissolve instantly like Starbucks, but stir it with a big straw and it works.

One cup regular unsweetened soy milk (I used SILK)
1 green packet of Taster’s Choice. Def (or the Red Regular) instant freeze dried coffee.
I like it unsweetened with ice, but it is great without, provided your soy milk is cold.

You can make it a MOCHA SOY Latte by adding two teaspoons of Nestle Quick to the soy milk and coffee and stir or blend with a Magic Bullet or blender.

The great news is soy milk has little fat and lots of potassium and protein. So its a coffee drink you can smile about for more than the flavor!


Polly Motzko


Image created by Paulette L Motzko
(Polly Motzko)

Copyright Paulette Motzko

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