Ghostly Cupcakes


Ghostly Cupcakes

Ghost Cupcakes

You Will Need:

-Favorite Cupcake Recipe
-Favorite Buttercream Icing Recipe or Store Bought
-Small Eyes Dec Ons (Item #SE-13019)
-Spider Dec Ons (Item #SA-41956)
-Witches Hat Cupcake Toppers (Item #BC-WHAT)
-Black Striped Baking Cups (Item #BC-32705)

1. Prepare Cupcakes according to directions.

2. Fill a pastry bag with white icing and use just your coupler or a large pastry tip.

3. Pipe a “ghostly” shape on your cupcake, start by making a large ring on the bottom on get small as you work your way up.

4. Attach small eyes, and spider dec ons to frosting before it dries.

5.Use a dollop of frosting to attach the witch hat to the ghost.

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