The Mojave

Sincerely, Samanda

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to see the work that Sam does in Nevada. There’s a solar project going on here in part of the Mojave Desert that is expected to supply energy to California and Sam is a scientist/biologist for an environmental company that is on the project to make sure construction complies with environmental codes, etc. but what is most awesome is that they are protecting the highly endangered Desert Tortoise. Since there’s a lot of construction and activity going on at the site that could potentially harm the tortoises (and they have put up fencing around the site), Sam’s company relocates them to a safe habitat. What they did is took all of the tortoises that were on the construction site before construction began, checked their health, stuck trackers on their shells (which doesn’t harm the tortoises and they don’t notice them at all) and then drove them to a relocation site that is also…

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