When I moved to Nevada 4 months ago I felt like a human cookie baking in an oven called Las Vegas!

My name is Paulette Le Pore Motzko and I have a cooking site called “Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly” at

Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly

I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada on June 10th, 2014 with courage and four huge bags, two arms and a horrific Greyhound bus ride lasting 15 hours- (it went to 4 counties and had two layovers!) Don’t do Greyhound!


Photography and Photo Montage by Paulette L Motzko, Copyright 2014

After being married to a rocket scientist for 15 years and then taking care of my mother who had Alzheimer’s disease and helping my parent’s pay their mortgage after my divorce….
It was time to take care of me, myself and I and I knew in Las Vegas I would get more “bang for the buck” and business would be better. I was right.

I knew I could afford it in Las Vegas and I also knew it was good for business. I am a writer, photographer and marketing consultant who helps make restaurants and big businesses look good by shooting their menu boards, LED’s with my Nikon 24 MP camera and a ten years of know how.


I write everything from resumes, Linked In and Facebook pages to Power Point Presentations. I write the words that get you noticed from web content, and I can be hired to moderate your networking site like Twitter and Facebook.

The first week I moved in to my new neighborhood by UNLV-Winchester-I looked around and the hot desert wind whipped my hair around like a tornado. No more Pacific Ocean Breezes–but I was smart enough to know I was not planted anywhere. I visit southern CA on business projects monthly and can do work anywhere anyone wants to pay for my travel expenses. I like the work I do and it is always different.

This is my ninth blog on WordPress and the most popular is called “Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.” After about 2 years, it is read in about 50 countries to 70 countries monthly and has 1,355 followers. I hear from people all over the world throughout the day, every day about how the things I write either help them or enlightened them. That is the most rewarding thing in the world.


The concept for this site was created when I was cooking in the condo I rent -not with my gourmet kitchen things still in storage in CA-using what was in the house combined with what I bought.

After my divorce to the rocket scientist in 2001, I realized I didn’t have to do just one thing. I could make use of ALL my ABILITIES and it increase the odds I would make $.
So I hung around business people asking them intelligent questions and getting empowering answers and reading every writing, photography and marketing book I could find…..and CARestaurantShowCase now RestaurantShowCase was born and Totally Inspired PC. I help companies and individuals look better and take them from local exposure to world wide. It makes me happy when I see them succeed.

Now that we are approaching the first day of fall, it is MUCH COOLER, thank God. I did the Las Vegas Bootcamp of surviving 118 degree days though, and wondered if I would leave it.
I made it. I learned every trick in the book for staying cool in Nevada.

Some of my fav’s are:
1. Don’t dry your hair. It will dry by itself in 20 minutes outside
2. Don’t dry your clothes…hang them in your closet and they will be dried by the next morning & last longer.
3. Wear slightly damp clothes. It is like built in air conditioning!

I stayed and have met some of the nicest, most kind people in the last few months than in 10 years in southern CA. I love the fact that people from all over the world are here and it isn’t predominantly two races, like in southern CA. Las Vegas is an interesting, exciting place where the lights never go off and you find slot machines everywhere. I am too practical minded to put a dollar in one. I want to explore the more rural areas of Nevada by the mountains some time soon.

I hope the recipes that will appear will keep you cool, be easy enough that a kid can make them, and make you really happy you did.

It is not a gourmet site…if you want that—go to my other cooking site…but this one is my gift for all those in the hot, arid places of the world who want to stay cool-and not heat their ovens up-finding other ways of cooking utilizing the microwave, slow cooker, wok, and convection oven.

I am a Nevada state resident and had to prove it with a statement from the Social Security office that took me 14 hours sitting in an office to get. I have Medicaid, thank God now and from here on out it is easy.

Once I find a bigger place I will be able to teach piano again and move my grand piano out of storage and have my home office. Am looking now.

There are two recipes that will be coming soon and many more to follow.

The bus system is the best in the world-and that is my way of getting around. Even though it is a big city, for he most part, unless people are drunk from the bars, people are pretty darn nice here-if you are nice to them. That is a simple philosophy I take wherever I go. It has served me well.

I hope you enjoy the COOL and EASY dishes that will be coming in the next days and weeks to come.


Thanks for reading this and have a blessed day!

Paulette L Motzko

(Polly Motzko)


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