Chicken Verde Soft Taco Filling


Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly

This dish will keep you cool if you live in a desert area like Las Vegas, NV or Arizona or other hot region.

This uses your trusty microwave to cook the cut up chicken breasts that are drizzled with a simple combination of olive oil and minced garlic. That way your chicken won’t dry out.

I recommend simply cooking every 2 minutes on high until done, and checking the chicken, moving the cooked pieces of chicken off the  plate so they don’t overcook.

Remember, in a microwave, the food will cook around the perimeter of the plate first, and in the center last.


Once all the chicken is cooked, pour green enchilada sauce over the chicken, adding more minced garlic over to coat.

Other additions that would be great are a combination of sauteed onion and sweet bell peppers added last to infuse the sauce with flavors of a fajita.

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